Single Session*

Sauna sessions are available Wednesday-Saturday by appointment only.

Dry heat saunas are heated between 100-140 degrees by infrared heat waves, heating the objects in the sauna unit opposed to heating the air. Salt bricks inside the sauna purify the air and have detoxifying effects. each sauna accommodates two people. Shower sandals are required. Foam flip flops are available for $2. Shower, Shower, shampoo and conditioner available at no addition charge after your session.You will be asked to complete the health intake form upon arrival of your first sauna session. It is not recommended to exceed 15 minutes in your first sauna session, 45 minute maximum per sauna session.

15 minuts $15

30 minutes $25

45 minutes $ 35

Additional person $5

Sauna Package*

16 sauna sessions, 34% off

Pack 1

two 15 minute sessions, two 30 minutes sessions and twelve 45 minute sessions

$330, savings of $170 

Pack 2 

one 15 minute session, one 30 minutes session and fourteen 45 minute sessions

$349, savings of $181 


Pack 3

one 30 minute session, fifteen

45 minute sessions

$363, savings of $187

Pack 4

one 30 minute session, fifteen

45 minute sessions and two free guest passes

$369, savings of $191

*Before Your Appointment 

Planing your visit

  • do not eat a full meal or smoke 60 minutes prior to session

  • do not use alcohol or drugs 24 hours prior to session

  • consult a physician if you are on prescription medication or any medical conditions 

  • hydrate fully

  • do not wear colognes, perfumes, skincare products or makeup and limit deodorant use

What to bring

  • BPA free water bottle

  • if you prefer to be clothed, wear loose fitting clothes made of natural material 

  • clean sandals made for shower or sauna

What to expect

  • Benches are very hot, please use the provided towel to sit

  • Remove ALL jewelry

  • not everyone sweats at the first session, once the body is acclimated you will sweat profusely

  • dry brushing, exfoilating or massage, prior to sauna session, increases lymphatic circulation and detoxification

  • rinsing in a cool shower after your session will remove the toxins released during your sweat and close the pores

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